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Geographers Role in Lifting Underground River Water to Overcome Drought in the Karst Region

Drs. Priyono, M. Si. dkk

Drought becomes a major problem faced by most of the people who live in karst areas, especially at the upper area, not to mention the Pucung village, Eromoko, Wonogiri, Central Java. Pucung village inhabited by 4,139 people which half of them experiencing severe water shortages in the dry season. In fact, their average income is only Rp 600,000 per month in which nearly half of that income spent to buy water.

This paper describes the role of geographer in lifting the underground river water to overcome the drought in Pucung village. The role consist four phases of activities, namely: (1) exploration and research that includes cave mouth detection using infrared aerial photographs scale of 1: 10,000, speleological surveys, and 3 sustainable research; (2) Pre-lifting activities that include socialization of the existence of an underground river, vertical job training and raising donor to the cost of lifting of water; (3) Water lifting activities that include underground river damming, electrical installation, plumbing, pump and reservoir manufacture; and (4) Post-lifting activity that includes the establishment of water distribution management organization, organizational training, improvement of reservoirs and water pipelines down to houses.

The method used in this activity is survey research method and cave exploration. It is also used method of aerial photo interpretation and analysis of secondary data.

The water lifting was successfully carried out on the result of the synergy between student nature lovers activities, research program, and community service performed by the Faculty of Geography UMS. Since the year 2012 this effort was successful to provide clean water to overcome the drought, and economically provide residents expenditure savings to buy water with very significantly by 1,500 percent (from IDR 50,000/m3 to IDR 3,000/m3). Besides being able to solve the problem of drought in the dry season, this activity also simultaneously trigger productive activities such as farm and fisheries. Read more and download fullpaper in here.

Posting 22 oktober 2015

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