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Developing Web-Based GIS Application for Managing Billboard Retribution in Surakarta City

Drs. Priyono, M. Si. dkk

Billboard retribution is important source of income for the government of Surakarta. However, during the period of 2010-2013, the average contribution of the billboard retribution to PAD Surakarta reached only 3%. Surakarta city is the center of economy and business in the region so that the potential contribution of the billboard retribution to PAD Surakarta can be improved if the billboards are planned, monitored, evaluated and well documented.

The purpose of this research is developing spatial-based software to support the management of the billboard in the city of Surakarta.

Geographic Information System is a tool that can be used to perform spatial planning, monitoring and administrating so that each billboard utilization data point and tenant identity can be saved with geographical references. The use of geographically referenced data in the management of the billboard is important because the location of the billboard have regional linkages with the physical conditions and spatial planning. Software developed need to be designed according to user requirements. The results showed that the billboard is the domain of some stakeholders, it would require a synergy between stakeholders. To accommodate these conditions, then drafted a working procedure by involving all stakeholders and manifested in a web-based geographic information system. The use of GML for data transport and OpenLayers for data visualization can provide representation of spatial data with good performance. In terms of simplicity, the use of OpenLayers based pure javascript simpler than Java that is dependent on additional applications. Read more the fullpaper and please download here.

Posting 28 oktober 2015

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