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Diskusi Bulanan Dosen "Karakter Pengemudi Angkutan Umum di Kabupaten Boyolali"


Sub district Boyolali traversed Joglosemar path would affect the growth of transportation services in the region. Public transportation services such as carriage and taxi grow and develop in the region. Each type of transportation service that would have distinct characteristics. These characteristics include age, income, and more emphasized on the educational level. This study was conducted to determine the characteristics of each actor transportation service providers. Research carried out aiming to determine the characteristics of each actor transportation services, especially on the level of education. The method used is survey research method, using questionnaires to obtain data. The sampling technique uses accidental sampling method. The sample used includes: transportation drivers 22, 21 and 19 of the cart driver motorcycle taxi drivers. The results are the highest educational background transportation drivers, namely the Bachelor and Diploma of 81.8%. While the lowest educational level is the cart driver with a majority of 61% on Elementary School. As for the majority of motorcycle taxis comparable education and junior high school, amount 78.9%. From these results it can be seen that the character of most higher education compared to public transportation drivers and motorcycle taxis cart driver. While the cart driver has the lowest educational characteristics. Secara detail mengenai artikel lengkap bisa di download di sini.

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