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Partisipasi Dosen Geografi dalam ISETH 2015 di UMS


Oleh: Prima Nogroho, Yuli Priyana, Haryadi

The impact of  the increase in erosion and sedimentation rate can cause losses  in the watershed ecosystem. Those problems can be reduced by applying a proper watershed management, especially in the upstream watershed. In this case, the model can be used to know the output of the performance of a watershed. Soil Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) is a hydrological model used to determine the impact of the landuse and physical environmental conditions on the rate of erosion and sedimentation spatially and temporally. This research aims to: (1) determine the accuracy of the monthly model  simulation, (2) analyze the rate of erosion and sedimentation in Keduang sub watershed. The statistical method used to test the model is by using the equation Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency (NS) and the coefficient of determination. Result of model validation obtained value of R2 = 0.79 and NS = 0.41. The area with a high erosion rate is 17,950.75 ha (51.22%) and very high erosion rate is 7,771.25 ha (22.17%).  Average of sedimentation rate in outlet of Keduang sub watershed from the simulation between 2011-2014is 408.19 tons/ha/year. Artikel lengkap dapat didownload di sini. 

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