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Development Of Web-Based Spatial Decision Support System For Groundwater Resource Management In Indonesia (A Case Study: Banyumas Regency)

Jumadi, Sigit W., Priyono, Yuli Priyana, and Agus Anggoro Sigit

AsiaGeospatialForumIncreasing demand of freshwater and unreliable freshwater quality are main issues that urge sustainable groundwater use. A continuous effort to maintain the sustainability of groundwater use and supply is through careful groundwater management, which takes into account diverse regional components, including physical-environmental and human-related factors. The establishment of regional database embracing wide aspect of regional components and automated administering protocol to control groundwater use serve as a tool for this management objective. This study aims at developing web-based Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) to satisfy this database and administering necessity.

System is developed through waterfall model of life cycle procedures with steps as follows: 1) defining System Requirements; 2) proceeding System Development; 3) carrying out Test and Evaluation; and 4) implementation. Literature research and peer observation and discussion reinforce the system development.

Findings witness the usefulness of web-based Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) in providing strategic input in decision-making process in regard with groundwater management attempt as it is capable of providing rigour data and information and simplifies administrative protocols. Practical implementation ranges widely from the monitoring to controlling stages.

This study suggests that following studies employ specific spatial analysis to model the impact of excessive groundwater exploitation and include the model as additional input for the currently developed web-based Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) since it is regarded as effective measure in planning and controlling groundwater use. In addition to this, creation of groundwater dynamics log through recording spatiotemporal pattern of available water in wells also provides valuable input to monitoring and controlling measure.


Source Proceeding of Asia Geospatial Forum 2011: PPT, Fulltext, External Link

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